Missing Events?

Events are Everything.
We miss events, you miss events! We are working on something special for fans for when live events return.

Everything you want.

Need some wheels to get there and back but you won't be driving?
Pick your nearest pickup point and book an official bus to your event.
Just a few taps and you won't need to worry about getting to
the show or getting home.

You are a super fan. You know it but how is everyone else meant to know?
Rocking the artists merchandise is a great way to let everyone know what's up!
The queue is so damn long though... Cut the queue. Buy your merchandise in 2 seconds and 3 taps.
Pick the merchandise up from the collection point and get back to the show.

You traveled all the way for the show. You had a blast.
You're voice is gone from singing along and your legs are jelly.
The thought of traveling home doesn't sound great after the show of a lifetime.
Book accommodation and relish in the awe that just happened.

Travelling by car to the event?  We show you the best spots.
Want to get nice and close for that quick escape after its all said and done?
No problem. With Evntz easy to use booking system, you can book in taps, sit back, relax.

Heading to the gig with friends? Catch up before singing your hearts out.
Our partners provides us with the best spots to grab a bite.
Pick the spot, book the time, what's left? Pick a good wine.

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